A trip to the Masaya Volcano

One of the natural wonders of Nicaragua are the number of active volcanoes that are located within its borders.  Two of the most active are located within a very short distance from Managua; Momotombo, with its classic cone-shaped peak and Masaya, a collapsed crater that is constantly spewing clouds of noxious smoke.  The most accessible of the two volcanoes to Managua is definitely Masaya.  With local bus connections throughout the day, it’s about an hour from Managua.   The Masaya Volcano National Park is well maintained and offers all the facilities needed for travelers to enjoy the volcano and surrounding area.  Trails are well marked and offer the more adventurous traveler a great way to experience the ancient lava flows and the plants and animals that still seem to find a way to thrive in the barren environment.

Smoke rising from the crater of the Masaya Volcano
One of the trails within the park

We highly recommend taking time to see the visitor center, before heading up to the crater.  In fact, its only permitted to be near the crater for 10 minutes, due to the gases that are constantly rising from the massive volcano.   I can tell you that when the wind shifts in your direction, you can taste the bitter sulfur in your mouth and feel the heat of the lava.

The edge of the crater

Night tours are also available after 5:30pm.   That way you’ll get a great view of the red lava lake at the bottom of the crater.

Don’t miss out on seeing the Masaya volcano while you’re in Managua or on your way south to Granada or San Juan del Sur.

Entrance fees to the park are 100 Cordobas (about USD3) during the day and USD10 per person at night.

Tours, including guide and transportation packages are offered through the hostel.  For more information, please talk to our reception or contact us via our email contact@managuahostel.com