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So, you’ve managed to get yourself from the airport to your hostel and hey, nothing happened! There were no robberies, no assaults. It wasnt just good luck, it’s becasuse Managua is one of the safest cities in central america and may even be safer than your hometown! Despite the facts, still, Managua remains a stop-over at best for most travelers. If you do get an off-day to spend in Managua, here are a few things to keep you entertained.

  • Roberto Huembes Market: Head to the market and pick up souveniers for family and friends. Filled with hammocks, pottery, jewelery and handcrafted statues, all prices are negotiable, so be ready to haggle for a lower price.  …And if you ever wanted to try iguana soup, this is the place!
  • El Predio:  Filled with food trucks offering local and international fare, this is great way to enjoy the evening. 
  • MetroCentro:  Mingle with families shopping and out-on-the-town at this upscale mall.  MetroCentro has it all from glitzy department stores to movie theatres to bars and restaurants.  it’s not what you expected to be doing while on vacation in Nicaragua, but trust us, on a hot, Managua afternoon, you’ll appreciate the over-the-top air conditioning in the movie theaters! 
  • Puerto Salvador Allende:  Some people forget that Managua is built next to Lake Managua, the second-largest freshwater body of water in Nicaragua.  In recent years the port has seen a revitalization and now offers lots of entertainment, day and night.  Expect young families strolling along the waterfront in the early evening and the younger party-set at night enjoying the numerous bars and restaurants.

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