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Our Hostel Managua Backpackers Inn is at a strategic point if you want to know the capital of Nicaragua.
Our area is made up of bars, and tourist places like.

We invite you to see our recommended sites to visit

Managua may not be the main destination of your vacation, but, sooner or later, everyone ends up in Managua!

Despite what your travel book may be saying, Managua is actually a safe, modern and bustling city, with lots of activities for the adventurous traveler. Having taken a few decades to ignore the earthquakes that all, but devastated the city, Managua is rebuilding with comfort renewed its inhabitants and visitors, comfort.

Even better explored by taxi, today there are many new parks, restaurants, cafes emerging throughout the city.

Here are some options to get to know Managua, both new and ‘old’:


Visit the “Metro Centro” shopping center. It is located just 5 minutes walk from the hostel and offers banks, ATMs, cinemas, food court and many shops.


New Cathedral

Admire the “new” cathedral. It is a 15-minute walk from the hostel and features a unique contemporary architectural design.


National Stadium

Enjoy a Baseball in the new national stadium Dennis Martinez. It is 10 minutes by taxi from the hostel


National Palace

Feel the Culture located in the Revolution Square, just 15 minutes by taxi from the hostel. This building is the National Museum and was one of the few buildings that survived the 1972 earthquake.


National Park

Tiscapa National Park It offers a freshwater lagoon located in the heart of the city. The park has the best views of the city, as well as the famous “Sandino” silhouette. Also take a zip line to the water.


National theater

Just 15 minutes by taxi from the hostel.​It is located in the Revolution Square and is one of the most modern theaters in Central America


Old Cathedral

This cathedral is located in the Plaza de La Revolución, this cathedral was damaged by the 1931 and 1972 terraces. The building itself is not open to the public, but it is ideal for taking good pictures of the memory


National Palace

The market is 15 minutes by taxi from our hostel. In it you can find hammocks, t-shirts, handmade chairs and lots of souvenir crafts. This is a must see if you want to take some beautiful memories

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